Long Beach Solar Home with PoolWhen you think of solar in Long Beach, you should think of AMECO. Pat likes to tell people that we have installed the largest and the smallest solar heating system in Long Beach. A solar pool heating system for a community center and his daughter’s science fair project.

The fact of the matter is AMECO has deep roots in Long Beach.  Our first and second offices were located in Signal Hill and Bixby Knolls. As we have grown, our offices became more centrally located to serve other parts of Los Angeles, but we install the most solar in Long Beach. Our president and CEO, Pat Redgate, and many other employees live in solar homes in Long Beach.

California Aquatics 1981Solar Panel Systems in Long Beach

With the wide range of housing options in Long Beach, solar energy systems vary greatly in size.  Our average solar electric installation is about 6 kW, but we have found that on a per square foot basis, families in Naples and Belmont Heights use less electricity because of lower cooling costs.  However with larger homes, these families can see much larger bills. Solar electric systems should be designed around your usage and your home. There is no one size fits all, but we’ll take the time to find the right sized system for you needs.

Video of Solar Installations in Long Beach and Rancho Palos Verdes

Unique Microclimate

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The Long Beach area in Los Angeles has a unique microclimate.  The coastal regions have a common marine layer and cooler temperatures than the surrounding area. The inland areas of Long Beach are downwind from the oil refineries in the South Bay. Along with pollution from the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles, there are many more particulates to be worried about. Solar systems installed in your area need to be designed to account for the increased salinity, the temperature loss, and increased particulates. These affect solar pool heating and solar electric systems differently and we can let you know what that means for cleaning your solar. AMECO special orders our pool solar systems for the coastal cities to provide hot water longer in the year, and has been designing systems in corrosive environments for decades.

Making Long Beach More Sustainable

California Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Center

We’re proud that the work we’re doing is making Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood, Cerritos, Rossmoor and Seal Beach more sustainable. Solar helps reduce local emissions and prepares us for the future.

Our proudest installation was actually two installations with the California Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Center, known formerly as California Community Pool for the Handicapped. This nonprofit has been serving our community since 1956 and helps over 2,000 children and adults every year. Therapeutic pools are kept warmer and use a lot of a nonprofits resources to stay warm. Luckily, when we did the first installation for them in 1981, we were able to secure multiple rebates and incentives to make the conversion easy for them. This system heated their pools for 32 years, and we were able to help them secure a grant from the Port of Long Beach to replace their pool system. You can read more about the project here

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All Long Beach neighborhoods and surrounding areas are served by AMECO Solar: North Long Beach, Wrigley, East Side, Poly High District, Circle Area, West Side, The Plaza, Bixby Hill, Los Altos, Belmont Heights, City College Area, North West Long Beach, City Of Signal Hill, State College Area, Naples-Marina Area, Lakewood Village, Belmont Shore, Los Cerritos Area, Californial Heights, El Dorado Park, Bixby Knolls, Park Estates, Alamitos Heights, Wilmington, and Dominguez.