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Solar Decathlon in Irvine Starting October 3

Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Solar Decathlon challenges teams of college students to design and construct houses that are energy efficient, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

California Approves Clean Energy RD&D Investment

California legislature has approved Senate Bill 96, which authorizes the research, development and deployment (RD&D) of clean energy technology, including California solar energy, with the goal of improving the state’s energy infrastructure and saving rate payers money.

The Benefits of Solar Energy for Retirees

Solar energy could be an alternative investment strategy for Southern Californians who are retired or preparing for retirement. In this blog article, we evaluate two solar customers and show how they are benefiting financially from their solar panel installation.

AB 327 Passes Senate Floor

Now that AB 327 has passed the senate floor and is headed to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for final signing, we reflect on parts of the bill that will affect Californian solar owners and the solar industry as a whole.

California Breaks Solar Records in Q2, Will it Continue?

California added a record-breaking 521 megawatts (MW) of solar generating capacity from April to June of 2013. The key to continuing to install solar panels at this rate will be the extension of pro-solar policies and legislature.

California Rated the Top State for Rooftop Solar

NerdWallet, a financial advice blog, recently reported on a study about the solar industry and market in all 50 states to determine which ones provided the best conditions for homeowners who want to install solar panels on their rooftops.