AMECO Solar has been serving the Southern California area since 1974.  We pioneered the solar industry and continue to lead the way. Our efforts to develop and deploy best practices within our industry and to support legislative and regulatory initiatives locally and in Sacramento means that AMECO Solar is a name that is recognized throughout the state. We are one of the oldest, most highly rated solar installers in California.

More importantly, we’ve stayed in business for the last forty years because we have made good choices in equipment and people. Solar is a smart investment only if it is efficient, cost effective and reliable, and it is backed by people who know what they are doing and care enough to do it well.

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Solar was right for Dale, but what about you?

We’ll be honest, solar is not right for everyone, but you won’t know until you check.  We’re more than happy to give you a free solar analysis to see if going solar makes sense.  We are not high pressure!

Do You…

  • Want to stop being robbed by your energy bills?
  • Want to guiltlessly air condition your home without going into debt?
  • Want to get a return on investment in solar instead of just endlessly paying your utility bills?
  • Want to protect the environment and support the local economy?

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