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Power Purchase Agreements Unmasked

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are another third-party financing option that has helped solar. Basically, a power purchase agreement is a contract to buy the electricity

Our Drought Needs More Sun

It sounds like we’re saying, “This wildfire sure could use some gasoline!” But more sun may just be a big part of the answer to

Top Four Types of Solar Energy

Solar electric panels are the most popular type of solar technology installed by Californian homeowners and businesses. However, there is a whole world of solar energy outside of solar electric systems! We discuss four types in this blog post.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Three Solar-keteers

Solar energy comes in three different forms, all of which amount to serious savings for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re unclear why so many Southern Californians have made the switch to solar, check out our new solar infographic featuring the swashbuckling Three Solar-keteers!

How Your Online SCE Account is Useful for Solar

This blog post explains how viewing electricity usage on your SCE online account can be useful when in determining if you need a solar panel installation or additional solar panels.

How to Access Info on Your Online SCE Account

Follow this step-by-step guide (complete with screenshots!) to help you view your electricity usage data online. By seeing how much you use, you may be able to decide whether you need solar panel installation.

Does a $150 Electric Bill Qualify My Home for Solar Panels?

Many Southern Californians believe that they need a $150 electric bill in order to qualify for solar panel installation. However, the amount of your electric bill doesn’t limit you from installing solar panels. In our blog post, we explain why solar marketers use the $150 limit.