Solar Pool Heating

A solar pool heater is the most cost-effective way to heat a pool in Southern California. The durable, long-lasting equipment requires little-to-no maintenance and can provide heating energy to your swimming pool for decades. With solar panels for pool heating, you can enjoy spending time in your pool whenever you want, without thinking about the water being too cold.

Solar Pool Heaters are Economical and Save You Money

Many pool owners in Southern California simply choose not to heat their pool because of the expense; even “cheap” natural gas can cost an arm and a leg. A solar pool heating system uses free energy from the sun and helps you avoid energy price increases. You will also save on servicing costs pool heating solar systems require very little maintenance compared to the annual maintenance needed for conventional pool heaters.

Pool heating solar panels will save you significantly on energy bills with a potential payback period of only 2 to 3 years for those who use a gas or electric heater. Once you recuperate your original investment, your solar pool heater will provide free heating from the sun for another 15 to 20 years or longer.

Enjoy Your Pool for More Months Out of the Year

Most homeowners in Southern California can only stand to swim in their unheated pools for 2 to 3 months a year. You can extend the swimming season to 6 or even eight months with a solar heating pool!

Though solar pool heaters continue to work in the colder months, most of the heat is lost at night. If you are an avid aquanaut and want to swim during the colder months, you will need a pool blanket or cover to minimize nighttime cooling and keep the water warm.

Solar Pools are Easy to Operate and Low Maintenance

Simply flip the switch to “Auto” at the beginning of your pool season and set it to the desired temperature. At the end of the season, flip the control switch to “Off”. It couldn’t be easier! No annual maintenance is needed other than what you would normally do for your pool: just keep the pool clean and in proper chemical balance.

It is recommended you check your pool temperature and solar controller at the beginning of the solar pool season (typically April or May). The automatic controller has a temperature indicator and a red/green light, which will tell you if the solar pool system is functioning correctly.

A pool solar heating system consists of four major components;

  1. solar collector
  2. circulation pump
  3. plumbing
  4. controller

The water gets into the solar collector via the circulation pump, then flows into the riser tubes. Here, the water is heated by the sun. This process is automatic and is repeated until the water gets to the desired temperature.


It is important to understand the difference between these two to avoid confusion regarding a solar pool heater and a solar PV.

First of all, the PV in the solar PV system stands for “Photovoltaics,” which means inverting the sunlight into electricity. They do so by using cells. One or two layers of a semiconducting material, commonly silicon, make up a PV cell. The sunlight shines on the cell and produces an electric field that causes electricity to flow through the layers.They are low maintenance and reliable, as they guarantee a warranty of 20 years. Compared to PV solar panels, a pool solar heater takes the cold water from the pool, sends it to a heating tank, and makes it warmer. Even during colder days, you will get the chance to use your pool with solar pool heating systems. 

As long as the sun is out, PV will create the required amount of electricity, and a solar heater for a pool will heat the water, while being environmentally friendly and reliable.

Find Out More about Solar Pool Heating Installation

Whether you are currently using a pool heater or not, a solar pool heating system provides you with an economical (and environmentally friendly) way to heat your pool.

AMECO offers residential and commercial solar pool heaters at a variety of price points that will fit your budget and swimming needs. Contact us to talk to a solar consultant about how you can install a pool heating system and start saving money immediately.