Solar Hot Water

With so many sunny days in Southern California, a solar water heating (SWH) system can provide the majority of hot water that you use in your home. In fact, a properly designed solar system can provide up to 80% of your household’s hot water needs in most of Southern California. It will also end those cold shower days when someone else, such as a shower hogging teenager, has used up the all the hot water!

Save with Solar Hot Water Rebates

While rebates for solar electric systems are quickly running out, the state and federal government still offers generous rebates for domestic hot water systems. In most cases, you can reduce the cost of your solar installation by 50-60%.

Simple Yet Durable Solar Technology

Because solar hot water systems use simple and reliable technology, they can last much longer than their projected lifetime of 20 years. Many solar hot water systems that AMECO installed in the late 70s and early 80s are still working today. Consequently, they have paid for themselves in energy savings many times over since their installation.

No Maintenance Needed for Solar Hot Water Systems

Once a solar hot water system is installed at your home and we have checked its operation for the first time, there is little left for you to do. Our solar water heaters are completely automatic and need only periodic inspection. For added peace of mind, we offer warranties on our solar equipment.