Solar for Electric Vehicles

It’s no secret that we Californians pay extremely high prices for gasoline. You may have already realized that an electric vehicle (also known as an EV) will save you thousands a year in fuel costs. Did you know that you can use solar energy to power your car’s battery and save even more?

Save Thousands on Gas and Electricity

Installing solar electric panels increases your savings even more by reducing or potentially eliminating your monthly electricity bill. By using solar energy to charge your electric vehicle instead of electricity from the utility company, you can double or even triple your savings! There are special utility rates for EV-owners that our team can help explain and recommend if a TOU-EV-1 schedule is right for you.

Turn up the Volt-age with Solar Energy

AMECO Solar will help you evaluate your EV needs and recommend the best solar panel for your budget. Then, our experienced team manages every step of the installation so that your transition to solar energy is extremely easy.

Solar Benefits You, Your EV and the Planet

Solar Panel In Arcadia

Installing solar panels to power your EV will allow you to enjoy even more benefits, including:

$500 Discount on Solar Panels with Harbor Chevrolet

When you purchase or lease a Chevy Volt from Harbor Chevrolet in Long Beach, you will receive a $500 discount on a solar electric system from AMECO Solar. But hurry, this limited-time offer is only available through December 31, 2014!