Solar Electric

We all know that solar energy is good for the environment. But did you know that it can save you money too? Installing solar panels allows you to pay less for your utility bills, and going solar with AMECO couldn’t be easier.

Monthly Savings on Your Electricity Bills

A solar installation in Rolling Hills Estates, CA

AMECO Solar can design and install a solar system that will reduce or completely eliminate your utility bill. Depending on how much you currently pay for electricity, solar energy could potentially save you hundreds or thousands each year.

Solar Incentives Make It Even More Affordable

When you combine all the rebates, tax breaks and local price supports that are available for solar electric systems, you can save anywhere from 30-45% off the installation cost. Don’t worry about figuring out the complicated paperwork; we’ll file for the rebates on your behalf as part of our solar services.

Reliable Solar Panels with Guaranteed Performance

During 40 years of conducting business as a solar installation company, our firm has maintained its reputation by reviewing and testing the latest solar energy equipment. Because solar energy technology is constantly changing, this is a full-time pursuit!

Our expertise allows us to choose solar products that are well-built and reliable. Additionally, the products we offer are backed by established manufacturers who offer substantial warranties that will guarantee solar energy production for decades.

Install Solar Panels with AMECO Solar

With our company, you not only receive a high quality solar installation but will also enjoy our stellar customer service and attention to detail. Begin your solar experience by requesting a solar estimate from AMECO today.