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About us

Orange CA SolarOrange Solar power is a company from Dutch which has quite a fresh perspective on the field of solar power. In our activities and various procedures that we have been involved in, we have shown that solar power is accessible to all individuals. The Orange solar power aims at giving the customers all the services that they need. You will be given all the services that you require and all you’re your wants shall be satisfied. Our deliveries are always on time and we ensure that you have acquired all the benefits that you can derive from using our services. One of the cheapest forms of energy is solar power and our company aims at helping you in enjoying the solar while you utilize it in deriving various important benefits such as lighting your house and ensuring that you have the electricity you need instead of going for the hydroelectric power which is very expensive. We help you in reducing all these costs and we ensure that you enjoy various benefits in your efforts to find energy. We have all the services that you need and we manufacture the solar panels that will help you tap the energy that will light your house. We have been involved in this business for quite a long time and our services are undoubtedly the best.

Our services

We provide you with the polycrystalline and crystalline solar panels and the grid-tied inverters which come along with a warranty of one year. To offer project support, we have quite an extensive network of a number of PV experts who will offer various solutions to all the problems that you will have. We ensure that delivery has been done on the agreed upon time and you can always call us for various services that you may require from your home.

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Our team of professionals carries out all the technical duties of mounting the panels and they make it ready for use. The various specific systematic mountings are done and the solar panel is set ready for you to use it. All your questions will be answered and you will be provided with everything you require after purchasing the panel. You will also be given the various important instructions on how you will be using the solar panels and the various procedures of mounting it.

Orange solar gives you products at affordable and friendly prices and you will get free replacement.