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The HERO Program is in Orange County.  HERO Programs help local economies and the environment by providing homeowners with much-needed financing for energy and water efficient home improvements and renewable energy systems. Communities with HERO Programs have increased construction activity, created jobs, lowered utility bills, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the HERO Program, homeowners can apply for low cost HERO Financing for home improvements such as installing solar, replacing an old air conditioning system, air sealing and weatherization, and installing insulation. Homeowners repay the financing through their property tax bill over the useful life of the installed products.

Hero Program Orange county

The HERO Program for Cost Savings Throughout Your Home

Most, if not all, homeowners, would love to save money on their home’s energy expenses and help the environment at the same time. However, money can be the biggest, and sometimes the only, hurdle keeping a homeowner from making home energy improvements. Upgrading to energy efficient products within the home can cost thousands of dollars. Even though there are significant savings over time in the cost of the home’s total energy, many homeowners do not have the thousands of dollars up front to pay for the upgrades. The good news for homeowners is that there is help in the form of the HERO program.

The HERO program is available to homeowners in Orange County and in some cities located within Los Angeles County. This program is a special financing plan that gives homeowners a chance to complete their home energy improvements through property tax financing. The HERO program is an excellent option for many homeowners, as it gives terms between five and 20 years, has tax-deductible interest, and can be transferred when and if the home is sold. This special financing program provides consumer protections as well, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Eligible homeowners can take advantage of the HERO program to make their home more energy efficient, water efficient, and to purchase renewable energy products. There are approximately 9,000 renewable energy products eligible, including:
• Solar energy systems
• Windows
• Doors
• Roofs
• HVAC systems
• Pool equipment
• Cool roof systems
• Water heaters
• Lighting and skylights
• Water efficiency products

This program can also be used towards air sealing and weatherization, and installing new, more energy efficient insulation. Homeowners can borrow up to 10 percent of their home’s value.  With no credit score required, homeowners can get instant approval. This local government sponsored financing program allows homeowners to make payments with their property taxes.

Communities, as a whole, have also benefited from the HERO financing program. This program has created jobs, lowered greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced utility bills.

The HERO financing process is simple. First, the homeowner applies for the program and selects qualified products with the help of their contractor. Once the financing documents are signed, the contractor can begin the work. Finally, once the work is complete, the contractor is paid directly through the HERO program.