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National Shout for Solar Day

Today AMECO Solar celebrates a record-breaking year of solar installation throughout the United States with SEIA, CALSEIA and thousands of solar enthusiasts.

Yvonne and Tim’s Solar Installation in Westminster

Each year Yvonne and Tim’s neighborhood turns into a holiday wonderland where all the homes are decorated with elaborate Christmas light displays. By installing solar panels, they have reduced their holiday electricity bill by 60%.

Can LA Achieve 20 Percent Solar Energy?

Thanks to the efforts of Environment California and local solar enthusiasts, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has called on the city to raise its amount of solar-generated power to 20 percent of peak demand by 2020.

Before and After: Newport Beach Solar Installation

See how beautiful this solar installation looks in Newport Beach, California by viewing the Before and After photos. The article goes into detail about how installation techniques and other factors affect the final look of the solar panels on a residential rooftop.

What Role Can Solar Play In Affordable Housing?

Many see California solar energy installations are as a luxury that only the rich can afford. However, special solar programs are making solar affordable for residents with lower incomes.

Top 5 Solar Moments in 2013

Read through AMECO Solar’s Top 5 Solar Moments of 2013 to see how great of a year it was for our company and the local solar community.

Lower Soft Costs Key to Solar Industry Growth

Though the price of solar panels has dropped significantly over the years, the soft costs associated with installation have remained relatively flat. By following Germany’s example, the United States could attain wider adoption by lowering soft costs.

How Your Online SCE Account is Useful for Solar

This blog post explains how viewing electricity usage on your SCE online account can be useful when in determining if you need a solar panel installation or additional solar panels.

How to Access Info on Your Online SCE Account

Follow this step-by-step guide (complete with screenshots!) to help you view your electricity usage data online. By seeing how much you use, you may be able to decide whether you need solar panel installation.