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Top Four Types of Solar Energy

Solar electric panels are the most popular type of solar technology installed by Californian homeowners and businesses. However, there is a whole world of solar energy outside of solar electric systems! We discuss four types in this blog post.

Update on Net Metering in California

Earlier this week, Commissioner Michael Peevey of the CPUC announced a 20 year grandfathering period for current solar customers who are enrolled in net energy metering programs. This important decision in California is expected to affect similar debates in other states.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Three Solar-keteers

Solar energy comes in three different forms, all of which amount to serious savings for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re unclear why so many Southern Californians have made the switch to solar, check out our new solar infographic featuring the swashbuckling Three Solar-keteers!

The Perfect Match: Solar and Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles and solar energy are an easy marriage: both save you money on energy costs while also reducing your reliance on dirty energy. We explore recent news on the combination of these two technologies.

UC Riverside to Hold Conference on Prospects of Solar

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) will be hosting a conference in February where state energy officials and private citizens will gather to discuss the solar industry and its prospects for growth in the future.