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Power Purchase Agreements Unmasked

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are another third-party financing option that has helped solar. Basically, a power purchase agreement is a contract to buy the electricity

Our Drought Needs More Sun

It sounds like we’re saying, “This wildfire sure could use some gasoline!” But more sun may just be a big part of the answer to

The Permitting Thorn in Solar’s Side

Solar isn’t going to get much cheaper if we don’t do anything about soft costs.  Soft costs involve things other than the equipment and labor.

Does our A+ BBB Rating Mean Anything?

Did you know we’re a better business? Like we’re actually accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?  Pretty awesome, right? Not so much because what

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When is the Right Time to go Solar?

The right time to go solar might not surprise you.  There isn’t a specific day like, Tuesdays when you should buy airplane tickets, or Super

AMECO Customers: Richard in Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, CA Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV) Solar System Details:  5.3 kW installed in 2008 & 2.1 kW installed in 2013 Previous Average

Solar Roadways or Solar Snake Oil?

Are the solar roadways covered in snake oil? They did pass their traction tests, but the excitement for solar roadways is a little premature.  Is

AMECO Solar Launches New Website

Trumpets are blaring and drums are rolling because AMECO Solar has a new website! Our new, fresh design was planned with a straight-forward layout that

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of AMECO Solar

Happy Anniversary to AMECO Solar! This year our solar installation company is celebrating our 40th anniversary. That’s right, forty years! We’ve officially made it over the hill, and are taking a look back on the history of our company.

Top Four Types of Solar Energy

Solar electric panels are the most popular type of solar technology installed by Californian homeowners and businesses. However, there is a whole world of solar energy outside of solar electric systems! We discuss four types in this blog post.